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Royal Hairstyles From Across The Globe That Can Be A Part Of Your Everyday Look

  • Hair Care
  • 01 August 2022
  • Sathiyamoorthy V

Usually, we look up to heroines and actresses when it comes to setting our fashion goals. Today, lets shift our focus to the royal families of the world and their leading ladies.

All the women listed here are from royal dynasties who set real-time fashion goals and trends every time they made a public appearance.

Today, we will be talking about their hairstyles that can pretty much be imitated in our everyday life as well.

So, if you are bored with your present hairstyle, then here is a list of hairstyles from the queens and princesses of royal dynasties that you can count on.

Whether you plan an ethnic or casual look, these hairstyles by the royal queens and princesses can always be looked upon and experimented with in our everyday life. Take a look!

She carries a simple side-swept hairstyle with a global blonde touch all around. By the sides of her hair, the princess flaunts some thick fringes, which many women in India do carry. So, to imitate this hairdo by Princess Rania of Jordan, all you need is to pick the right hair colour and make an uneven distribution of it all over your hair.

Those with short hair can always opt for this hairstyle by Princess Madeleine of Sweden. Though she has been spotted with several other kinds of hairdos, this one is simple with a deep central parting. By the sides, she shows rolled fringes that end at a shoulder level. This hairdo will look good even if you do not colour your hair and keep it really black.

This royal queen tied her hair into a big bun at the back. If that sounds boring, then do not miss her side-swept style from the front, little hidden here because of the hat. This kind of hairbuns can be accessorized and reserved for all day long. This simple side-swept hair bun goes good with ethnic wear and also any western wear, as carried by the princess here.

Much hyped for all the beauty goals she sets, this hairstyle is one of the most common ones Kate has been noticed with. Straight hair of shoulder-length ends with some colour at the end of the hair. The best part is, this hairstyle can be taken up by anyone irrespetive of their hair lenth or type. The attraction in this hairstyle is the bright colour at the end of it.

Those who really do not prefer long hair can count on this pixie hairstyle as taken by Princess Letizia of Spain. This one is easy to maintain, especially for those busy souls living an urban life. When going for this pixie hairstyle, please be regular to the salon in order to maintain the shape and style of your hair.

Setting serious fashion goals for years now, here Ameerah appears with a tight ponytail. Any or every woman can do this by fixing the ponytail at the end with a tight scrunchie and enough bobby pins. Ameerah has jet black hair in the picture, but you can make your ponytail stand out by adding some streaks or highlights around it.

Very ideal if you have a party or wedding invite, this hairstyle has a rolled bun at the lower back tweaked with a braid at the top. This hairstyle is definitely time consuming; but once done, it keeps the hair protected and preserved. The hairstyle has side parting at the front, but you can tweak that depending on your face shape and preference.


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Royal Hairstyles From Across The Globe That Can Be A Part Of Your Everyday Look