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Pros, Cons And Tips Of Hair Colour At One Read

  • Hair Care
  • 01 August 2022
  • Sathiyamoorthy V

Hair colour - is that on your mind next? Well, we would not stop you, as indeed that is a viral fashion trend and can add to your style statement.

But before you opt to go ahead with this process, let is take you through the primary pros, cons, and tips related to hair colour that you must know of.

Hair colour can be done both at home or at the salon, depending on the method and time you are ready to invest in the process. Wherever you do the hair colour, start with an advance discussion with your hair stylist, keep these pros, cons and tips in mind; and finally, take a call on how you would want to go about with your hair colour plan?

Pros Of Hair Colour

Preference On The Hair Colour Shade

Now, if you are really bored with your present hair colour, which might be black, blue or brown, you could definitely change this. So, using a hair colour actually leaves you with multiple options of completely changing your look by adding different shades on to your hair.

Adds To The Style Statement

Hair colour definitely adds to the style statement. When others look at you, over your boring clothes or no makeup look, the coloured hair will strike to them. So once you do the hair colour, there is no doubt you would not be counted among the fashionistas.

Adds Vibrancy And Dimension To The Present State Of The Hair

With hair colour, there will be high, low or medium highlights all over your hair. This adds to the dimension or shape of your present hair. When the switching over of hair products to add volume and dimension fails, then comes in the role of hair colour which can add to your style quotient and also beautify your hair.

Cons Of Hair Colour

Constant Visit To The Parlour

Though hard efforts can be given but successful venture of hair colour happens at the salon alone. Also, once your hair is coloured, extra fringes might pop from here and there. So to adjust and ensure that coloured hair alone is visible from all ends, hair colour makes salon or parlour visits extremely important. In fact, you will become frequent to the salon or parlour after doing the hair colour.

Hair Damage And Side Effects

On one hand, hair colours gifts you good colours on your hair. On the other hand, its chemical composition damages the hair, making it dull and dry. Some even complain of hair fall after doing the hair colour. Posh brands of hair colour still are researching to stop this problem or the after-effects of hair colour.

Going Back To Your Real Hair Colour Is A Challenge

Once you opt for a hair colour, it will be a task to get back to your original hair colour. This is because, most hair colours require bleaching that changes the hair texture and colour completely. If extra effort is paid and more time is spent at the salon, only then you will be able to get back to your original hair colour.

Tips Of Hair Colour

a) When going for hair colouring, you have two options – semi permanent and demi permanent. Semi permanent lasts lesser than demi permanent hair colour. Before you go for hair colour, research about the two and then go ahead.

b) When new hair grows and it does not match to your new hair colour, do not get perplexed. Just start colouring the extra grown hair. Leave the already coloured hair. Along with colouring new hair that will grow, if you colour the existing coloured part – the outcome will be quite varied. This also weakens the already coloured hair.

c) In order to make your hair colour last long, try using a shampoo that does not contain any sulphide.


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Pros, Cons And Tips Of Hair Colour At One Read