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15 Causes Of Grey Hair At Young Age

  • Hair Care
  • 02 August 2022
  • Sathiyamoorthy V

Greying of hair is a natural process. If your hair turns grey at a young age, it is called premature greying and needs medical attention. There are many grey hair reasons. Some of them are related to lifestyle.

Some lifestyle causes of premature greying are smoking, faulty diet, stress and unhealthy hair care methods. Other grey hair reasons are Vitamin B12 deficiency, hormonal imbalance and early menopause.

As a person ages, the capability to synthesise the normal amount of melanin pigment (responsible for giving black colour to the hair) declines. This ultimately results in grey or whitening of hair.

You must be aware of causes of grey hair so that you can take effective treatments. Today, Boldsky shares with you grey hair reasons and causes of grey hair at an early age.

Thyroid Disease

One of the grey hair reasons is thyroid disease. An underactive or overactive thyroid can affect the melanin production in the hair and result in premature greying. So, always have a check on your thyroid levels.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Deficiency of B12 has been linked to premature greying of hair. Vitamin B12, zinc and copper are responsible for the nourishment of hair. Always include foods rich in vitamin B12 in your diet.


The main reason for grey hair at early age is genetic. The offspring is more prone to have grey hair earlier in life if its parent has the same problem. This is one of the grey hair reasons.

Vitamin C and E

If the body is suffering from lack of Vitamin C and E, then the hair turns grey. Their deficiency can decrease the amount of melanin producing cells and thereby cause grey hair. This is one of the causes of grey hair at an early age.


Smoking is also one of the factors responsible for premature greying of hair. Smoking produces free radicals in the body of the smoker and these free radicals decrease melanin, resulting in greying of hair.

Junk food

Junk food is one the reasons of grey hair at young age. Junk foods or processed food accelerate ageing by decreasing the production of melanin in hair. People who are highly addicted to junk food are prone to grey hair at a young age.


Stress can have many harmful effects and one of them is hair loss and premature greying. Shock, sorrow and anxiety can reduce the amount of melanin cells, thus leading to premature greying.

Faulty diet

Why am I getting grey hair? Not having a well-balanced diet means you are lacking many nutrients. When your body does not get the proper supply of vitamins and minerals, it stops functioning properly. This can cause many health problems, including grey hair.

Excessive use of electric dryers and hair irons

This makes the hair shaft weak. The heat produced by them can affect melanin production in hair and cause premature greying.

Dirty conditions of the scalp

An unclean scalp due to insufficient hygiene may be another cause for premature hair greying. If you do not take good care of your hair, it will go grey. This is one of the grey hair reasons that you must not avoid.

Hair dyes

Frequent use of hair dyes can damage hair. The chemicals present in them can also damage the melanin cells. This can lead to premature greying of hair.

Washing hair with hard water

Minerals and oxidisers present in hard water cause hair fall; dry, dull, thin and frizzy hair. It also causes greying of hair.

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal changes greatly contribute to the condition of your skin and hair. Any major hormonal changes in body in conditions such as pregnancy or thyroid disease can cause premature greying.

Early menopause

Women who suffer from early menopause are at risk of premature greying and may need medical attention.

Folic acid deficiency

Folic acid is essential for many bodily processes. A deficiency of this vitamin may not only slow your hair’s growth, but it can also cause your strands to turn grey.


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15 Causes Of Grey Hair At Young Age