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Citrus Fruits The Best Formula For Weight Loss

  • Health
  • 04 August 2022
  • Sathiyamoorthy V

In order to lead a healthy life, it is very necessary to stay fit and in shape. A plump body always makes you feel embarrassed in front of others, whereas a slim body always makes you feel confident and smart. In order to get a perfect lean body, you ought to consume healthy food which must include fruits in abundance.

Fruits are the best way to lose weight and especially citrus fruits are an ideal way to lose weight in a healthy way. Now, you must be wondering how citrus fruits help in weight loss. These fruits abound in minerals and vitamins and are a perfect weight-loss source. Thus, by incorporating a number of citrus fruits in your daily diet, you can get rid of your excess calories.

Now, the next question that will arise in your mind is how to include citrus fruits in diet to lose weight? Not all citrus fruits help in weight loss, so it is always better to consult an expert before going on a citrus-fruit diet. Sometimes, if you are under medication for health issues like blood pressure, some of these citrus fruits may have adverse effects on your health.

Hence, always discuss with your doctor before following a particular diet. If you are perfectly alright without any disease and yet you are unable to lead a normal life just because of obesity, you must go for the citrus-fruit diet which will definitely help you lose weight and get back to shape.

These fruits remove the toxins from your body and help you get rid of the bad cholesterol which results in a healthy and natural weight loss. Following are some of the top citrus fruits that can help you reduce your weight:


Grapefruit aids in boosting the BMD or the Bone Mineral Density. Grapefruits also help prevent osteoporosis. It also reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease. According to studies, consuming one grapefruit daily can help you chuck out around 20 pounds in thirteen weeks.

Blood Oranges

Blood oranges are believed to be beneficial in averting cancer. Blood oranges contain antioxidants, anthocyanins and carotenoids and due to this reason, they are used for therapeutic purposes and therefore, they are also beneficial for weight loss as well. They also keep your blood sugar levels in check and that is why they also help you maintain your body weight.


Lemon is believed to fortify your bones and maintain the cholesterol levels in your body. Lemons are also anti-inflammatory and they help in preventing the development of cancer cells. Take a glass of warm water and squeeze the juice of half a lemon in it. Consuming this mixture daily in the morning on empty stomach will help you lose your weight.


When you ponder how to include citrus fruits in diet to lose weight, tangerines come to your rescue. According to a new study, tangerines contain a chemical known as “Nobiletin” which helps reduce fat. This way, tangerines help avert the accumulation of fat in your body and also speeds up the fat-burning process.


Limes contain limonoids that help deal with stomach problems. Limes also boost the production of the digestive enzymes and relieve indigestion and bloat. If you consume tea regularly along with lime, it will help you get rid of your extra calories.


Blackberries, blueberries and raspberries are loaded with nutrients and are low in sugar content compared to other non-citrus fruits like bananas or mangoes. Berries also strengthen your cardiovascular system by cleansing your blood. Berries improve your digestion, increase your hunger and hence these are a healthy option for weight loss.


Kumquats are an excellent option if you are thinking about how to include citrus fruits in your diet to lose weight. Kumquat is consumed along with the peel as it is fully healthy. Kumquats contain lutein, zeaxanthin and Vitamin A. They tone down the cholesterol levels too.


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Citrus Fruits The Best Formula For Weight Loss