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Top Foods For Weight Loss

  • Health
  • 19 July 2022
  • Sathiyamoorthy V

We often try to select foods that are most effective for weight loss. To opt for such foods, we need to first know about the foods that can really work for weight loss.

Not all calories are created equal. Different foods go through different metabolic pathways in the body. Most of the foods have different effects on hunger, hormones and metabolism. So, knowing the nutrient value of different foods is important.

No doubt that weight loss comes with a little math. One needs to understand that you need to eat fewer calories than you burn. This way, it helps keep your diet under control. There are thousands of diet foods that are healthy and tasty; they also help you stick to your diet.

In this article, let us discuss about some of the top foods that can help reduce weight. Read on to know more about these healthy foods.


Drinking a bowl of soup before your meal makes you eat lesser food. It does not matter if the soup is chunky or pureed as long as it is broth-based. This is quite nutritious and healthy for the body.


Beans are the most inexpensive, filling and versatile source of protein. They are also rich in fibre which helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system. The fibre also helps keep you filled for a longer period of time. This stops you from eating junk foods.


It is one of the most useful vegetables. It contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in calcium which makes it a great food for weight loss.


This is the best reason to enjoy chicken when compared to red meat. Consuming chicken helps reduce weight loss to a great extent as it is rich in proteins, vitamins and iron. So, the next time you take an extra serving of chicken, do not feel guilty.


Eat an apple before your meal. This may reduce the intake of calories. Studies reveal that the calorie intake gets reduced up to 15%. This is one of the top foods for weight loss.


Almonds are very healthy and nutritious as the glycemic index of almonds is 0 which means they don’t affect your blood sugar levels. They generally take time to digest.

Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? You tend to skip chocolates while you are dieting. But that should not stop you from eating some dark chocolate. This is one of the top foods for weight loss.


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