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The Healing Powers Of Fruits

  • Health
  • 15 July 2022
  • Sathiyamoorthy V

Do you know why many people prefer juice fasting over any other method when it comes to detoxifying the body? Well, the reason is the the healing power of fruits!

Are fruits healthy? Yes fruits heal. They enhance your health. Fresh fruit juices heal your system. They can also detoxify.

In fact, even health experts agree that juice fasting can be a lot better than water fasting. Well, why are fruits healthy? They contain lots of nutrients that your body needs and they can be readily consumed without any preparation or cooking.

The vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and enzymes present in fruits can be absorbed by your body easily. Now, let us discuss about the healing powers of fruits.

Blackberries Can Clear Phlegm

Consuming blackberries can also prevent digestive issues like diarrhea. Also, they can clear phlegm.

Apples Can Cure Diarrhea

Apples can cure diarrhea. Consuming apple juice regularly is also good for your digestive system and your liver too.

Grapes Can Keep Your Colon Healthy

Grapes can do a good job in strengthening your blood and keeping your colon healthy. It is good to consume grape juice in the morning with breakfast.

Peaches Can Detoxify

Peaches do a good job in detoxifying your whole system. They also enhance the quality of your skin.

Cherries Are Good For Your Blood

Consuming cherries regularly is healthy for your blood and your colon too. Women suffering from menstrual problems can try cherries.

Pineapples Are anti-Inflammatory

Pineapples can heal inflammation and allergies. They also enhance the quality of skin and eye sight.

Orange Can Enhance Your Immunity

Orange juice can soothe your nervous system and enhance your immune system. It can also prevent obesity and cardio vascular issues.

Strawberries Purify Blood

Do you know that strawberries are good for your nerves? Well, they also purify your blood.

Peaches Can Lower BP

Peaches can relax your blood pressure and also keep your gall bladder healthy.

Lemon Juice Can Heal

Lemon juice can soothe your liver, relieve asthma symptoms, prevent cardiovascular diseases and common cold. Drinking lemon juice every morning is a very healthy habit.

Watermelons Hydrate

Water melons are good for your skin and kidneys too. In fact, eating such hydrating foods is a lot better than drinking too much of water to hydrate your body.


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