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Real Reasons Why You Cannot Lose Weight

  • Body Care
  • 30 June 2023
  • Sathiyamoorthy V

Losing weight is not tough if you really make up your mind. But there are few things that will not help in losing the extra pounds even if you are trying to lose.

Remember that going on a sudden diet will not you shed those extra pounds that you have. Any weight loss with fad diets is unhealthy and will only be harmful in the long run.

You might just lose the water weight from your body when you lose weight from sudden diets. Instead, make sure you slowly cut down the intake of foods that are unhealthy and slowly stop it completely.

In this article, we are here to discuss the real reasons why you cannot lose weight even after exercising for long hours or dieting. Read on to know more about this.

Being Stressed

When a person is stressed, the body produces extra cortisol which results in hunger pangs. This makes you eat more than required. The metabolism rate is reduced completely which results in extra weight gain.

Stomach Is Stretched

Our stomach is of certain size but if it is stretched it takes time for it to get back into its original size. So, even when you have had your meal according to the diet, your body signals that you are hungry.

Drinking Excess Coffee

Studies reveal that caffeine helps to stimulate the production of Adrenalin which elevates the body sugar. Without exercise this excess blood sugar produced is stored as body fat. This is one of the reason why you cannot lose weight.

You Just Diet

No matter how hungry you feel sticking on your diet is not going to make you lose weight. Instead, your body will become fat-storage machine which will cause your metabolism to slow down. This makes you never lose weight.

Just Moved In With A Partner

Moving in a partner does affect your health as you tend to change your diet and lifestyle. When you are living independently with your partner, your diet will include more of pizzas and burgers than the regular meals you had before. This can be changed if you start cooking your own food.

Blame Your Genes

Fat mass and obesity-associated genes run in families. Even if you are eating less food, your body tends to put on weight. This makes the person keep a watch on their diet strictly. This is one of the reason why you can never lose weight.

Body Has Less Calcium

Studies reveal that the calcium can spur weight loss. Eat sufficient amounts of calcium in your regular meal as this keeps you filled. This prevents the consumption of food at odd times. You can try soy milk as it is rich in calcium apart from drinking the regular milk.


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Real Reasons Why You Cannot Lose Weight