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Eye Liner Rules Most Women Break-Violation 6 – Water Lining

  • Body Care
  • 03 August 2022
  • Sathiyamoorthy V

Eyes are the reflections of your health and beauty. Eyeliners are one of the powerful makeup tools that can help you to highlight the hidden beauty of your eyes. Along with highlighting the best features of your eyes, it can also help to hide the flaws of your looks, if used wisely.

There are many tutorials available that teach us the correct way to use/apply eyeliners. But, unfortunately, there are many women who still commit many common eyeliner mistakes.

Since fashion and trends undergo a change every now and then, sticking on to conventional rules can also be considered as a mistake in the makeup industry.

While trying changes, it is important to note that there are certain eyeliner rules that should be followed strictly to get that perfect look. These rules will also help to keep your eyes healthy. When you violate important eyeliner rules, you are spoiling your natural look. Avoiding certain pit falls can definitely make your efforts worth.

Here, we will discuss some of the common eyeliner rules that most women break. This will help you to correct your mistakes and will make you work like a professional on your eye makeup. Do justice to your eyes by using it right!

Violation 1 – Wrong Technique

Eyeliner mistakes include improper techniques like lining only the bottom line, outlining the whole eye border in the same thickness, leaving gap between the liner and eyelash and making the eye area too dark. Following wrong technique is one of the most common eye liner mistakes that you must avoid.

Violation 2 – Random Pick

One among the common eye liner mistakes that women usually make is using eyeliners randomly, without considering their eye and skin colour. This will never get you that perfect look, if you select a wrong shade of eyeliner.

Violation 3- Quality Compromise

Beauty experts strictly suggest us not to use low-quality products for your eyes. Eyes are such a delicate part of your body and harmful chemicals in low-quality eyeliners can cause serious side effects. Cheap products that are available in the market will cost you more in the long run by spoiling your eye health.

Violation 4 – Only Black

Remember, black is not the only choice when it comes to eyeliner colours. Many women are not ready to experiment with other colours and stick strictly to black always. Be ready to break this conventional thought and try other eyeliner shades that can make your eyes even more beautiful and attractive.

Violation 5 – Smoky Eyes

Smoky eye makeup is very popular nowadays. But, one of the common eyeliner mistakes that make your effort a flop is the use of eyeliners for smudging. Use only kajal, eye pencils, gel or eye shadows to get a smudgy eye makeup look.

Violation 6 – Water Lining

Water lining may go well with your kajal, but not with eyeliners. Water lining with eyeliners can spoil your whole look, as it can spread easily. Also, if you are not using a good quality eyeliner, chances are more for you to experience side effects.

Therefore, stay away from these common eyeliner rules that most women break. Highlight your eyes in the most perfect way to look beautiful.


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