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Bedtime Skin Care Tips That Show Results In A Week

  • Body Care
  • 03 August 2022
  • Sathiyamoorthy V

Before recommending an extra set of bedtime skin care tasks, lets tell you why you must abide by the bedtime skin care tips?

Well, bedtime implies to the time before you go to bed. What you do to your skin before sleeping impacts the skin all night long. Thus, following the right bedtime skin care routine is important.

Bedtime skincare tips not only ensure good skin but also contribute to a healthy sleep all night long.

Many think that bedtime skin care tips are only meant for women. Well, men, if you love your skin, then you must follow these too.

If those were good enough reasons to encourage you to start your bedtime skincare routine, then here are the following preliminary ones to start with. Beginning with these bedtime skin care tips will nourish your skin. If you like doing these and would want to add more to the to-do list, then there is no harm either.

Ensure Your Pillow Is Neat And Clean

If you are wondering how pillow and skin are related, then the answer is "directly". Skin and pillow remain in direct touch all night long. If your pillow is dirty, then all the dirt penetrates into the pores and thus, the skin remains gloomy despite your tough attempts. So clean your bed and pillow before sleeping. Also, a silk pillow case is more apt to use if you want the best bed care for your skin.

Clean And Cleanse Your Skin (Not Face)

In your bedtime skin care tips, you have to do both – clean and cleanse. By clean, it implies using a face wash and water to clean the skin. By cleanse, it is deep cleaning of the skin that you do, which you could by using a mild cleanser and cotton pad.

Do Not Miss Out On The Toner

You may miss on using your toner all day long but at night, it is a must. After cleaning and cleansing the skin, tone your skin, so that the pores are cleared and the skin is moistened. However, before applying the toner, make sure your skin is completely dry. Toner can be homemade or preferably one with fruit composition.

Moisturizing Is A Must

As the CTM process says, the last main important task both men and women must do in their skincare routine before bed is moisturizing. What goes wrong in this is, everyone moisturizes their face and not the rest of the body. When it comes to moisturization, you have to do it from head to toe. It is a one last pampering session to your skin and body before you doze off.

Control Your Sleeping Posture

Yes, sleeping postures do play a role on your skin. Those who love sleeping on their tummy have to change. When one sleeps on their tummy, the face is on the pillow. The pillow case leaves marks and lines on the face, making it easy for the wrinkles to appear. Even those who prefer sleeping side ways, it is not so good. The best is if you can sleep on your back, so that your face is free and this keeps the skin in its healthiest best all night long.

Steam Your Face (On Alternate Days)

Steaming is optional and not an everyday activity. If you do not have a steamer, a lukewarm water face wash will do. If you do this in regular, then the skin pores open up and you can cleanse it better. Do steam only your face at home and that too, very carefully.

Love Your Lips

When taking care of the skin during bedtime, you really ca not miss out on your lips. If you do, the next morning it goes all chapped and rough. Simply apply some lip balm before lying down. You could also use a gentle exfoliator on the lips and petroleum jelly is a must.

Extra Care For Special Areas Of The Skin

Now, all parts of your body do not have the same skin type and you need to be picky to treat the special ones. By special skin parts, we mean – the feet, where coconut oil or a crack healing cream is a must, during bedtime. The under-eye skin is the thinnest and you must never miss on the eye cream at night.


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Bedtime Skin Care Tips That Show Results In A Week